Nourish The Temptation

Lemon & Ginger Detoxing Scrub

Recipes | January 26, 2017 | By

Making your own beauty Products might be one of the most satisfying things I’ve done and a lot simpler then you might think!


Blood Orange cake

Dessert | January 22, 2017 | By

No matter how many blood oranges i cut open, I’m always mesmerised by how beautiful they look. I’ve been drinking them freshly juiced every morning for weeks now trying to get my vitamin c dose, so I decided it was about time to start cooking with them. There was only one thing I could think of to show them off… a blood orange upside down cake of course.


Welcome to my new “Beauty” section

Welcome to my new “Beauty” section

beauty | January 10, 2017 | By

My name is Anna and I am an beautaholic. No, seriously! I have more products then I  actually fit in my draws. I’m a sucker for anything new and exciting, especially if it comes in shiny packaging.  This, mixed with a quarterly health & beauty sample sale, could only lead to one thing…my new beauty section.

My only  dilemma is natural vs full on high tech products.

I’ve decided to start sharing my thoughts on my newest obsessions (and biggest wastes of money) here, in the hope that you will be spared draws crammed with products.

Enjoy x

Welcome to my new “Eating Out” Section

Eating out | January 10, 2017 | By

A little balance goes a long way, and I am in no way going to claim I eat like an angel 100% of the time.

Some of these places where picked for their nutritional pow, and some for their sheer tastebud pleasuring abilities. I absolutely love eating out and checking out new places. As much as I crave healthy, nourishing food, I also crave the naughty and indulgent culinary magic that happens when you throw out the nutritional rule book.

In this section i’ll be sharing some of my favourite spots to eat around London.

Enjoy x


Apple & cinnamon Granola

Breakfast | December 12, 2016 | By

I love making this granola, mainly because of the smell it fills the house with, and secondly because i get to enjoy it every morning for the next couple of weeks. I’ve found it so hard to find a granola that isn’t filled with sugar, so i just make m own. It’ll keep for a few weeks in an air-tight jar, so i always make a big batch!


Banana & Chocolate Crepes

Recipes | November 27, 2016 | By

Chocolate and banana crepes! Absolutely obsessed with this recipe. I’ve made these so many time and finally written up the recipe for you guys! The link to the blog is in the bio. You can top them with anything you fancy, but of course mine had to include nut butter


Nutella balls

Dessert, Recipes | November 26, 2016 | By

These may not look like much, but they literally taste like Nutella! I just used hazelnuts, dates and cacao to make them and the results are amazing. You can make a huge batch and freeze them so you have snacks for a couple of weeks.


Courgette, Beetroot & Feta muffins

Breakfast, Lunch | November 22, 2016 | By

Savoury muffins have been a firm favourite of mine for quite a while! firstly because they’re so practical (yes, i just referred to a muffin as practical) , and secondly because they are utterly delicious. I couldn’t resist adding some of my favourite barrel aged feta in there… i am greek after all.


Cinnamon Apple & blueberry slice

Breakfast | November 17, 2016 | By

One of my faves


Honey & Cinnamon Roasted Spaghetti Squash

Recipes | November 9, 2016 | By

Honey & cinnamon spaghetti squash. For anyone who has never tried spaghetti squash, they are so tasty and it’s so much fun scrapping all the “spaghetti” out. I literally just drizzled in with olive oil, honey and cinnamon and baked for 45 minutes.